The Mysterious Art of Letting Go & Moving on

Call it unfair but once in a while, we all have been through situations that made us walk away from what we want the most. It may be a breakup, giving up on a dream carrier or the unfortunate demise of a closed one.

The worst part about this is that it only leaves us with one option; to ‘let go’ of all that we had. Thus making letting go and moving on an art each one of us needs at one time or the another.

What does it Mean to Let Go?

The most painful fact about letting go is that it is not about simply giving up on a person or a thing but is more than that. The worst part about letting go of someone that you love is that we have to let go of the things we love the most.

These are the things that have become so integrated within ourselves, our minds and our lives that if we have to take them out, our life is never going to be the same again. Neither in the present nor in the future. So when they leave our entire being stumbles.

If you take refuge in the past, there beautiful memories, which are now too painful to even look at. The future seems to be messed up right now. While the present is too hard to be in. So, if life has been so hard for you too, just stay gentle with yourself and take one step at a time.

Accept the Present

Darling if you are reading this, chances are that you have lost something that meant the world to you and you are still here, searching for the ways to deal with this loss and heal your broken heart.

The bitter truth is that they have already left and you are still here. Full stop. Does not matter why or how. Yes, you might have a soft corner for them because of all the beautiful times that you shared but right now this is the harsh truth. Let it sink in. Slowly and swiftly. Let life move on.

Cry your heart out. Scream, snap and shout if you want to. It is important to vent out the negativity building inside you. But keep reminding yourself they left and the life is still going on. It has to and it will because the future is going to bring something better for you.

Replace The Love

Don’t roll your eyes, I am not going to say get yourself a new guy or indulge in any unhealthy entertainment. Running away from what you feel is the last thing that you would want to do right now. It is never going to help you heal.

Then where do all the love and the energy that you used to bestow over them go? Shower the same love on yourself.

Every time you miss them and feel like you are going to break down pamper yourself because that is the only person who is never going to leave you alone.

Buy new clothes, give yourself ice cream treats, read your favourite book or just sit on the couch and binge-watch your favourite series. But be gentle with yourself as you do this. You are not alone, you don’t have to do all these things like a loner. Catch up long with lost friends. Accept all the lunch and dinner invitations that you have been declining and you will be surprised to discover all that you have been missing out.

Let Go the Idea of them

This is probably going to be the most difficult part. When you love someone from all your heart, you can’t help but imagine all your life with them. You have shared some of the most beautiful moments with them and had wanted it to be like this forever. I know you were ready to do all that it needed.

But the truth is that they left. You might still be willing to do anything to turn your dreams into reality, even after all this but the sad truth is that it is already over. I know you can’t imagine anything else in these dreams right now. So take a break from everything, just focus on your present. Hold yourself and muster the strength to head to what is unknown to feel the power of letting go.

So for now. Inhale. Exhale. Smile. Everything is going to be fine.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “The Mysterious Art of Letting Go & Moving on”

  1. Inhaling and exhaling did help in the short run and I hope your advice helps in the long run as well. Well articulated 🤘🏽

  2. Some bitter truth teaches us how to live happily … Yes it all depend on us how we are going to understand others feeling

    1. Exactly and I hope we all have that understanding that helps us to make our way out of the difficulties. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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