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Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Sagittarius in Your Life

Sagittarius Dates: 22nd November to 21st December

Sagittarius season starts on 22nd November and ends on 21st December every year. This zodiac belongs to the group of fire signs that are mutable, making them fun people that care.

Men and women of this zodiac have a depth to their personality that is intriguing to know, just like the roots of their origin. This is why it is normal to wonder why are Sagittarius so smart.

The Archer, who represents this zodiac is believed to be a Chiron though he belongs to a family of Centaurs who were known for their wild and animals like habits. He was the son of Titan Cronus and a sea nymph that made him half horse and half-human.

Chiron is also a great teacher as he has the capabilities to awaken the latent potentials of any individual. Though he is raised among Centaurs, he has great artistic, philosophical and intellectual skills that were presumably passed to him from Titan.

So he had trouble fitting in either category and set out to make their own path; making Sagittarians the wanderers of the zodiac.

Are you trying to understand this zodiac for the first time and your brain is bombarded with questions like what are Sagittarius dates or what is Sagittarius female personality and what are Sagittarius traits male?

If this zodiac in general or the people born in this season intrigue you, read below to explore Sagittarius compatibility, traits and eminent personalities.

Sagittarius Characteristics

People born in the Sagittarius season are non-conformist as they are naturally motivated to explore; both the real and the spiritual realms.

This makes them wanderers and seekers of knowledge who are inclined towards philosophy.

They are very good teachers and have good artistic skills that come from their need to explore all the realms.

Because of their wanderlust, they make perfect storytellers with unmatchable humour. They can liven up any party with their wit and conversation skills.

Sagittarius Man Traits

Men born under this zodiac are independent and refuse to be controlled. Sagittarius men have a liking for philosophy and the metaphysical aspects of life. The best trait of a Sagittarius man is that these individuals are perfect to lighten up your mood when you feel down and seek comfort.

However, if a Sagittarius man likes you, he will always try to find a perfect balance between not compromising on his core values and trying to understand your needs. However, a Sagittarius man in love may easily get bored if you aren’t being careful that he is getting his share of adrenaline rush too.

Sagittarius Women Likes & Dislikes

Just like the males, Sagittarius traits in females also elucidate freedom. Sagittarius females are not like any other girl next door and are wild, fierce and independent.

If you are wondering what is in the mind of a Sagittarius woman, the answer is – confidence. She has the power to make any conversation fun with her wit and humour making her someone who will not easily settle but the one you will end up regret losing.

Sagittarius Bad Traits

Freedom always comes with a cost. This applies to Sagittarius women and men too.

The bad side of Sagittarius is that people born in this season love to move. So it is hard for them to settle, making them commitment-phobes.

Another let down while dealing with a Sagittarius is that they are always looking for more adventure so sometimes they may overlook (or appear to overlook) the emotions of the others. This is not the truth as they are capable of empathy due to their spiritual and religious inclination.

Sagittarius Luck

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is known for abundance. So the individuals born under this zodiac have ample luck by their side.

They are likely to succeed in any venture they take up. But the downfall is that these individuals know this too and sometimes develop a blind faith which might make them look arrogant and their dreams unrealistic.

Sagittarius Compatibility

The Archers are loved by everyone but the reverse might not always be true. The people born under this zodiac are likeable to everyone.

They love to know people which is also the reason why Sagittarius are so charming though some behavioural patterns can be a turn down to them.

While the water signs as well as the air signs provide the freedom and the emotional depth they need, the earth signs that appear to be cold and are apprehensive of changes conflict with their ideas. This may not be something they are looking forward to.

Celebrities that are Saggitarius

Taylor Swift, Bradd Pitt, Charlie Puth, Nickie Minaj ,Miley Cyrus

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