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Questions to Ask Yourself to Get to Know Yourself Better

These 4 Deep Questions on Life, Love and Philosophy Will Make Your Rethink.

No matter how much of a genius you are, getting to know someone is one of the most challenging tasks that you might have to do. And since that is more than just knowing the favourite colour and food. It is common to wonder about the deep questions to ask her if you are a boy or vice versa.

Although, these may vary for everyone depending on your interests and outlook on life. But, if you like looking deep into life, beyond the material things, here are some questions that might help you. So here are a few deep questions on life if you have been looking to connect to someone or yourself.

Is Having Empathy a Good Thing?

I think empathy is the most underrated emotion in the world. Every heart has a soft corner that helps it to understand and help others in pain. But what an empath feels is far more magnified. I do not only see your pain, but I feel it, in my own heart to the extent that it reaches my core.

So I sit there, contemplating all those ways I could be of any help to soothe the pain you have been going through. Yes, this would make anyone happy to see others smile. But I do that because I too want to lessen this emotion of yours that I feel inside me.

Though you may not want my help and might have retreated to your shell (we all do when messed up), I will try to reach to you, right into it. Until I can replace the pain in your heart with warmth and love that I have there, overflowing for everyone, but me.

I sometimes wonder is empathy a boon or bane? It does make the world a better place as my efforts might even succeed in soothing you and letting you know, in the subtle little ways that I am there. After all is not that what we all need, especially when there is nothing else. 

But is it worth it? For me who has her hands bleeding trying to get into your shell. For you who has to run even faster so that I can not reach you. And, for my heart who asks needs nothing but to be at peace. After all, it has been feeling too much since ever!

Why is Pain Important to Survival?

If you have you ever been so shattered that you were unable to pull yourself together, you will know why is it required that we break down. Surviving this pain gives us rare confidence that keeps us going even years after it, no matter what.

 Let us all confess we have been through times where we feel like the world is going to end. When we think that we can not make it beyond this point. But then our people; our family and friends come to the rescue and magically fill all our voids with love and warmth. 

We need to break down for these moments so that we can be re-made from love and kindness. 

 It is in these moments that the pain starts making sense when we find ourselves amid things that nurture our soul. We all need these because they make us realize our souls need more than the people we can hang out, smoke or booze with. It needs more of those who can heal it with kindness and love to help it in its journey between and beyond birth cycles!

Why is Acceptance & Expression So Hard?

Despite acing the modes and means of communication, it is ironical that humans still struggle from the lack of expression. We are told to hold back and always be composed, so much that none of us can deny wondering how would things be if we could wear our emotions on our sleeves.

Our generation has been conditioned to ‘be in control’ so bad that whenever we need to express, we first have to face ourselves. This makes letting go difficult since all we want to do is contemplate what will happen. 

Letting go will only be possible if we let go of all those tears we hide behind those perfectly measured smiles. If we could shout and tell the world how bad it hurts instead of hiding the pain with careful nods and short replies.

Only if we show all our scars and move around revealing them and our vulnerabilities to everyone; they can be a bit more careful with us. Perhaps also a bit less annoyed by our withdrawal. 

 It is the brutality of our conditioning that we all suffer the same pain that shreds us apart, yet choose to suffer in isolation. We suffer together, maybe at different times, due to different reasons but always from the same pain in isolation

What if I am the Villain?

They say the universes conspire to give us what we want from all our heart. I wonder why could our love not make it through it. Did I not love and want you to know? Or was it you who never wanted that?

 I wonder what if I am the one who destroyed you and our love and not the other way around? 

 For I know, I am the fire that engulfs everything that comes in its way, reducing everything to ashes. But have you ever seen a fire being extinguished?

 The fire seeks redemption by leaving all that behind and vanishing into the thin air. It chooses to embrace the water that it knows is going to destroy it. Only to protect what lies in its laps from its wrath.

Once extinguished, everyone gets busy splurging more water, searching the ashes for the remains and tending the victims but has someone ever in human history once thought about the fire?

 So yes, I am the fire. You started me. I burnt bright and high but, then I got out of your control. So, you splurged me into the water to destroy my being. 

 Yet I untangled you from my touch, my soul and left you there, as you asked for, to protect you from myself. But have you even once wondered where did I go?