Book Cover of Parasite by Mira Grant

Book Review

Parasite By Mira Grant

Parasite by Mira Grant takes you to 2027. The world is following the hygiene hypothesis and has removed all the microorganisms to stay healthy. But this has led to its consequences and has led to increased health issues.

 Thanks to this, scientists are struggling to find a better means of survival. After all, taking infinite medicines is not just plausible. This is where Symbiogen becomes the saviour and become an alternative; implanting parasites into humans.

The story revolves around Sally, Nathan (her boyfriend) and her family.

 The book opens with Sally coming back to consciousness from 6 years of coma after surviving a car crash which has left her with no memories.

 Sally has come out of the coma because of a parasitic implant given by Symbiogen. They also pay for her medical care without which she can not survive. So she must obey them. Even if this means surrendering to their desire of keeping an eye on her, leaving no personal life.

Meanwhile having no memory of her life before the accident, she is feeling trapped in a life that is not her’s. She is trying to fit-in and seems like the family is learning to accept the new her too!

As if things weren’t already too much for Sally she learns about a strange disease outbreak. It starts in the form of sleeping sickness and is spreading with a zombie-like outbreak.

Her father and sister work as a scientist for the government. While her boyfriend, being a doctor is on a quest to solve the mystery of the disease too. 

 The implanted parasites are becoming smarter and are now competing with their hosts – humans for control over their bodies. Thanks to her countless visits to Symbiogen, Sally knows they have been keeping some secrets.

Nathan’s mom is a scientist and has all the answers; both for the world and Sally. Will she be really able to help?

 If you are a fiction fan, this is the perfect pick for you. Although the characters could have been developed better, the storyline and the plot are what makes this book unputtable once you start reading.

 The poetry that marks the beginning and the end of the individual parts makes it only more interesting. Some might find the biotech and taxonomical information too much to understand, but hey it is only to be read not to be memoried. It only makes the storyline more realistic.

Here’s an excerpt from the book. I know, it’s a fiction and there are definitely better parts to be shared. But I am sharing the poetry because it is something that is going to stay with me for a long time.

  • Little boy with faith so thin, 
  • Little girl so strong within, 
  • I said I’d never leave you, and I’m 
  • sorry, but I lied. 
  • If you’re set to pay the price, 
  • Learn the ways of sacrifice,
  • Leave this world to grieve you, 
  • take a breath, and step outside. 
  • The broken doors are waiting, down 
  • the path you’ve always known. 
  • My darling ones, be careful now, 
  • and don’t go out alone.

Rating – 8.5/10

  • Plot – 10
  • Characters – 7
  • Writing Style – 10
  •  Category – Fiction