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Are you feeling defeated? Read this

Life is a roller coaster ride, everyone has their share of ups and downs. So, if you too are going from one of those times when you feel you have had enough and can’t take it any more, I want you to read this. 

Don’t worry I am not here to preach the idealistic philosophies that tell you to beat the shit out of yourselves and stay positive no matter what. Because I know, its easier said than done. After all, who can try to smile when there are thousands of thoughts going on in your mind that just refuse to leave you alone.

Don’t worry, it is okay to be scared and insecure when all your efforts go in vain. But remember you have not lost, you are not defeated. Maybe you don’t reach the destination but the distance you have travelled has itself been the gift for you.

Even if you didn’t get into your favourite college or lost your job, or didn’t have your love reciprocated, all the efforts that you put for that, they are never wasted.

You learned things that you would never have if you did not try to achieve that. Although right now it may not make sense to you but, a few years down the lane, you will know that it was a master plan. Trust me, you will feel nothing but gratitude for the reasons it never worked out the way you wanted to because the destiny had something better in its store for you. 

That is what you deserve for all that hard work, pain and determination. Do you know why? Every positive thing you do for yourself becomes a part of the universe and eventually finds its way to you!

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