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The Thought Chunks is a platform for individuals who seek more than just a mundane life and the ones who are intrigued by topics that will make us think beyond the materialistic aspects of humans and things.

Here we share our thoughts on topics like psychology, and astrology. We talk about the spiritual realms of the divine and the science of astrology to get a new perspective on life.

We pour our heart out as we discuss some of the most vulnerable aspects of our lives as relationships, trust in the universe and magical synchronicities.

You can also read about psychology to understand the day to day human interactions, check out the book reviews to pick up the perfect one for you.

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Meet the Author

All the stuff you read here comes from my pen. Who am I? Kanika Mehta, just a girl trying to explore worlds with her words. I write to take a break from the materialistic world, to explore the cosmic world and help you to look into the same.

If are someone in love with love, on a self-help journey to heal or love psychology my words might interest you.

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