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A Guide to Deal with the Capricorns in your life better

22 December – 20 January

A Capricorn’s behaviour could be a mystery if you are not familiar with the typical Capricorn attitude. These sun signs are workaholics of the zodiac system. They are represented by the mythological sea goat and ruled by Saturn; both of which represent hard work and struggles. The individuals born under this sun sign have already got accustomed to these in their early life. But don’t be misled, the fishtail of the mountain goat shows their capability of diving to the realms of their emotions as well (which is represented by water).

While both Capricorns men and Capricorn women make the most loyal friends, they are always working on one thing or the other which keeps them busy. But on the positive, they are altruistic so once you make friends with them, you can blindly trust them in the hour of need because they know how to manage their time.


The loyalty and dedication that a Capricorn shows in a relation can win anyone’s heart. Being with them is very easy as they are not frequently triggered and are very adaptive. You won’t see them being demanding in relation. But what they do need at all times is to know that you are in for a long time, a Capricorn does not invest in anything that is not for the long run.


When you see a Capricorn, their first impression might always be just the opposite of what they are as they might come off as arrogant. Thus making it very difficult to understand Capricorn personality. They are Earth signs and are the most hardworking yet grounded individuals that you will come across


Capricorns are very responsible for their families and do their duties with utmost honesty. However since they love the conventional ways and are prude, this might become boring over time. They love to help others achieve their dreams which makes them the best motivators you would love to have in your family.


Just like everything, Capricorns seek perfection in their work. Though they are perfect for leadership roles, they also make the perfect employees. They have it all in them, intelligence, teamwork, adaptiveness and some who is respective to all the suggestion because of their grounded nature!!

Eminent Capricorn Personalities

A.R Rehman, Hrithik Roshan, Michelle Obama, Stephen Hawking.

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